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USMC orders more MRZR-D off-road utility vehicles

18 September 2017

The US Marine Corps (USMC) has ordered 104 more diesel-powered MRZR-D Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) from Polaris Government and Defense, the company announced on 18 September.Polaris has introduced an MRZR-D2 two-seat variant to complement the four-seat MRZR-D4 and its gas-powered MRZRs. (Polaris)

In November 2015 the USMC ordered 144 MRZR-Ds and that order “reached full operation capability within six months of contract award”, a Polaris Government and Defense spokesperson told Jane’s .

The spokesperson said vehicles from this latest contract “will all be delivered by the end of the calendar year”.

The standard MRZR-D4 accommodates 4–6 seats and 2 litter mounts. It is powered by a four-stroke Kohler diesel engine that is also capable of running on JP8; according to the company, the diesel-powered vehicle provides about 80% more range than the gasoline-powered variant.

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