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Raytheon secures Middle East export order for Warrior-X shot detection system

18 September 2017

An undisclosed customer in the Middle East will take delivery of more than 2,000 Raytheon Boomerang Warrior-X wearable shot detection systems over the next 12 months.

The export order, valued at over USD10 million, is one of the largest to date for the company and the first for a Middle East country, a Raytheon official said.Raytheon has secured an export deal for its soldier-worn Boomerang Warrior-X shot detection system . (Raytheon)Raytheon has secured an export deal for its soldier-worn Boomerang Warrior-X shot detection system . (Raytheon)

The company is also looking at ways to expand the Warrior-X's threat detection library.

After developing and fielding the vehicle-mounted Boomerang, which uses passive acoustic detection and signal processing to detect a shooter’s location, Raytheon observed that users were removing the system from their vehicles and adapting it for use as a perimeter defence system, Ed Campbell, president of Raytheon BBN Technologies, told Jane’s .

Customers then requested a wearable system, he added.

Although Warrior-X features a different microphone configuration than the original Boomerang, the algorithms needed for shot detection and location are similar.

“It gives you a lot of the capability of the original Boomerang but in a much smaller package," Campbell said.

Designing a wearable system introduced a different set of technical challenges compared to the vehicle-mounted system, Campbell said, including power, size, configuration, user interface, and tracking performance.

“Unlike our classic Boomerang system, if Warrior-X were to tell you that you have just been shot at, the very first thing you are going to do is take cover and then return fire,” Campbell explained. “Having a system that could track your movement and maintain the relative range and direction of the shooter was a technical challenge, but we solved it.”

A complete Warrior-X system includes the device, a battery, a display, and an optional ear piece. The system weighs approximately 340 g and fits inside a small carrying case.

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