DSEI 2017

Defeating the missile threat [DSEI17D4]

15 September 2017

Thales and Leonardo are being funded by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD)’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) to demonstrate the combined end-to-end performance of their respective Elix-IR infrared threat warning system (IRTWS) and Miysis Directed Infra-Red Counter Measures (DIRCM) system (pictured).

Missile approach warning systems are designed to detect and track MANPADS threats.

DIRCM systems direct a coded laser beam to defeat the missile threat seeker.

Developed by Leonardo under private venture funding, Miysis marries a lightweight and compact pointer/tracker with a high-power laser to create a system that the company describes as ‘‘class-leading’’ in terms of size, weight and power (SWaP) parameters. A first production contract for the system was received from Canada last year.

The Elix-IR IRTWS is a new generation multifunction passive threat warning system offering the core functionalities of a simultaneous missile approach warner and hostile fire indicator solution to counter existing and future missile threats. Use of the infrared spectrum − rather than the ultraviolet wavelength used in most existing missile threat warning systems − allows for longer range performance and increased warning times, according to Thales.

Leonardo and Thales have been working on lab-based integration of the Miysis and Elix-IR systems since the spring of this year. The demonstration trials, to be conducted on a range in Sweden in early 2018, will see the two systems hosted on a Terma Universal DIRCM pod.

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