DSEI 2017

ASW mission operated remotely from London [DSEI17D4]

15 September 2017

Elbit Systems’ Seagull multimission unmanned surface vessel (USV) system has performed a remotely operated antisubmarine warfare (ASW) mission off Israel under the control of operators at DSEI.

Using a satellite link, the Seagull platform, sailing in Haifa Bay, performed the operational ASW mission using control consoles situated some 3,515km away on Elbit Systems’ stand S2-320.

Operating an L3 HELRAS dipping sonar and Elbit Systems’ proprietary software, Seagull performed real-time detections and classification of objects, demonstrating capability to deter and dissuade hostile subsurface activity.

The Seagull team included two operators, a USV operator and sonar operator.

Seagull is a 12m long USV that can be operated from a mothership or shore stations. It provides multimission capabilities, including ASW, mine countermeasures, electronic warfare, maritime security and underwater commercial missions. It has a mission endurance of more than four days.

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