DSEI 2017

Fox features [DSEI17D4]

15 September 2017

Shown for the first time at a defence exhibition by Jankel (Stand N6-370) is latest Fox Rapid Reaction Vehicle-x (RRV-x). This is a modified Toyota Hilux-based platform, and is entering production for the Belgian Ministry of Defence, which is the first customer for this latest variant.

The Hilux-based RRV-x retains the proven OEM base chassis reliability alongside Jankel upgrades specific to user mobility and operational requirements. Upgrades include brakes, suspension, steering, electrical systems, environmental protection, engine management system and frame as required. The design ethos remains that while fully militarised (in accordance with military standards), both structurally and automotively the RRV-x benefits wherever possible from the extensive durability trials conducted during development by the OEM over eight generations of Hilux.

The entire composite body of the RRV-x is Jankel-designed, the primary design aim being to maximise payload, mobility and stowage space as well as providing CH-47 Chinook (both standard and narrow 1.8m) air transportability. A purpose designed composite ‘pod’ re-profiles the internal envelope of the vehicle to maximise user space and ergonomics.

The removable armoured side panels/doors and floor can be fitted/removed by a team of two in under four hours. The rollover protection structure is equipped with a ring-mount; main armament options include light or heavy machine guns (MGs), or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher (AGL). A front swing-arm mount can mount a 7.62mm light MG.

The rear cargo area is developed to maximise space for equipment fits such as communications and Spike missiles, as well as being able to accommodate a standard NATO pallet. The modular self-recovery winch can be fixed to the front or rear of the vehicle to maximise off-road capability and performance. The rear body is also configurable for a medevac role and can accommodate one or two stretchers.

Fox family vehicles are known to be in service worldwide with users of the original Land Cruiser 79 Series-based Long Range Patrol Vehicle (LRPV) variant including Botswana, Brunei, Jordan, South Korea, Oman and Indonesia.

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