DSEI 2017

Recognise faces [DSEI17D4]

15 September 2017

Digital Barriers (Stand S8-124) is showcasing its live facial recognition technology. SmartVis Face is a non-conformant, live-streaming, facial recognition capability that can be used with standard cameras and hardware, including CCTV, police body-worn cameras and smartphones. It picks out faces from a crowd and matches them against terror watch lists and missing person databases.

ThruVis technology has been utilised for UK events in the months following May’s terrorist attack in Manchester. This is a sensitive camera able to screen some 1,000 people an hour, and in testing proved flawless when identifying individuals wearing bomb vests or concealing weapons, Digital Barriers says. EdgeVis, meanwhile, can stream secure, real-time video using 60 per cent less bandwidth.

This makes live streaming technically and financially viable, and is an improvement on body-worn cameras that only record data collected and do not stream it.

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