DSEI 2017

Laser warning goes modular [DSEI17D4]

15 September 2017

UTC Aerospace Systems (Stand S5-165) has been in the business of laser detecting sets for around 30 years, and is a major supplier to the US and other armed forces. More than 2,000 AVR-2B sets are in use as part of battlefield helicopter protection suites.

Now, the company is seeing an acceleration of the need to deploy systems on vehicles to provide detection of the growing numbers of laser rangefinders, designators and beam-riders that are being encountered in operations as lasers become cheaper and easier to acquire.

Currently, the company offers the mast-mounted VVR-3 set, and has developed the VVR-4 (pictured) for the US Army’s Abrams tank and Bradley IFVs. This is being tested at Fort Benning as part of the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment. A further development is the VVR-4M, which introduces a modular approach so that it can be rapidly adapted to meet new threats as they appear. This can include software updates or the introduction of new sensor elements. The modularity also allows the VVR-4M to be reconfigured to meet mission-specific requirements.

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