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Value for money [DSEI17D4]

15 September 2017

General Dynamics (Stand S9-210) is displaying a Piranha 5 (8x8) armoured personnel carrier (APC) as a potential candidate for the British Army’s Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) programme. This is being shown fitted with a Kongsberg Protector remote weapon system (RWS) armed with a .50 M2 HB machine gun.

Mounted externally on the right side of the Protector RWS are two of the latest MBDA Missile Moyenne Portée (MMP) anti-tank guided weapon, which is now in quantity production for the French Army in the dismounted infantry version.

Kevin Connell, vice-president of General Dynamics Land Systems UK, said: ‘‘The Piranha family of vehicles are highly reliable and in active service with armed forces worldwide.

We can deliver Piranha 5 vehicles quickly from an existing production line, before transferring production to our Merthyr Tydfil facility in South Wales, creating significant employment right across our extensive UK supply chain.

Piranha 5 is the best value for money solution to the British Army’s MIV requirement, supporting British industry and jobs.’’

Piranha 5 is in quantity production in Switzerland for the Danish Army, which selected the vehicle following extensive comparative trials with five different tracked and wheeled (8x8) platforms.

The Danish contract is for 309 Piranha 5 to replace its tracked M113 series of APC and variants, which although upgraded are now in need of replacement. Denmark is taking delivery of six versions of the Piranha 5 in addition to the APC: ambulance, command, engineer, repair and 120mm mortar.

Spain has also selected Piranha 5 to replace its BMR-600 series of 6x6 APC and variants. Production will be undertaken at the facilities of General Dynamics European Land Systems Santa Bárbara Sistemas, which is manufacturing the Pizarro tracked infantry fighting vehicle for the Spanish Army, as well as the hull for the UK’s Ajax reconnaissance vehicle.

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