DSEI 2017

Infrared detectors [DSEI17D4]

15 September 2017

Emberion (Stand N3-455) is launching a series of visible light to shortwave infrared (VIS-SWIR) detectors, which are being pitched to both defence and security users.

These can be used for a number of applications, including spectrometry, optical gas, harmful substance detection, and to collect optical power measurements.

One nanotechnology-based uncooled single pixel detector chip can provide responsivity with low noise over a spectral range of 400-1,600nm, and they can be provided as discrete components with an analogue output, or as a full sensor module with a digital output.

In addition to the single pixel detectors, in 2018 the company will begin to offer other detectors in the VIS-SWIR 400-1,800nm spectral range. This will include a linear array detector for spectroscopy, and a video graphics array imager for night and machine vision and hyperspectral imaging.

These will bring the capability at a more affordable price in comparison with existing products, the company says. Plans also include the introduction of an ultra-sensitive uncooled bolometer array for thermal imaging.

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