DSEI 2017

Japan shows AFV systems capability [DSEI17D4]

15 September 2017

Mitsubishi Heavy industries (MHI) Integrated Defence & Space Systems (Stand S7-360) is presenting its total capability in the design, development and production of key subsystems for armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs). These include the diesel engine, automatic transmission and suspension systems.

Here at DSEI is an example of its latest hydropneumatic suspension system for heavy tracked AFVs. This has a maximum stroke of up to 40mm, and one of the options is for height control, which would allow the platform to be tilted left or right, or up and down, to suit the tactical situation.

When compared to torsion bars, hydropneumatic suspension systems have a number of significant advantages, including saving space inside the hull and providing an improved ride across country for the crew, as well as making for a more stable gun platform.

Mitsubishi is the prime contractor for a number of the latest-generation Japanese AFVs including the Type 10 main battle tank, the Type 11 armoured recovery vehicle, the Type 99 155mm self-propelled artillery system, and the Type 16 Mobile Combat System.

The latter 8x8 high-mobility AFV is one of the latest AFVs to enter service with Japan and is fitted with a turret armed with a 105mm gun. It is similar in appearance and battlefield mission to the Italian Centauro 105mm Mobile Gun System (MGS), which is also used by Jordan and Spain.

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