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DSEI 2017: Senop launches new optical devices

14 September 2017

Finland’s Senop has launched two new optical devices at DSEI 2017 in London – the Lilly hand-held multipurpose observation and surveillance system (MPOSS), and the Husky fire control thermal sight (FCTS).

Lilly leverages technology developed by the company for its Lisa hand-held target acquisition system.

Essential features of the new system are its compact size and low weight of 1.5 kg – it utilises lightweight composite materials.

The Lilly system is designed to be light weight and rugged. (Senop)The Lilly system is designed to be light weight and rugged. (Senop)

Lilly has an uncooled thermal imager which is combined with a direct view optical channel and a high resolution day camera for still images and video, and can be used when powered off.

The system’s internal memory can store more than 100,000 images and several hours of video.

Images are always captured when a target is measured but can also be captured without making active measurements with the laser rangefinder in the off position.

Video recordings can be made in both channels and all images and video taken can be exported to external devices.

The system can utilise an external power source such as a vehicle’s battery or solar panels.

An important feature of the Husky FCTS is its use of an integrated, uncooled thermal imager which offers a number of advantages over conventional cooled technology including its ability to be used as soon as it is switched on without any start up delay.

Husky has been developed by the company to be fitted with automatic grenade launchers (AGLs) and 12.7 mm machine guns (MG) to improve their first round hit probability under day and night conditions.

The systen includes an eye safe laser rangefinder, GPS, inertial measurement system, digital compass, and a ballistic computer that supports airburst ammunition (ABM) programming. The latter capability is increasing in importance as ABM rounds enable ‘dug-in’ infantry to be engaged.

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