DSEI 2017

Satellite transporter [DSEI17D3]

14 September 2017

Airbus Defence and Space has selected Coventry-headquartered Nasmyth Group to provide the Spacecraft Transporter Container for the new generation of satellites based on Eurostar Neo, one of two satellite product lines being developed by the European Space Agency under its NEOSAT programme.

Among the aims of NEOSAT is to support Airbus in creating a commercially attractive platform for the mid-range and high-end telecommunications sector. The programme will also build a supply chain in Europe.

For its part, Nasmyth (Stand S2-372) will build the Spacecraft Transport Container that is used to transport the satellites by road, rail, sea or air, as applicable. The container incorporates a cleanroom to avoid contamination of the satellite while it is in transit.

Nasmyth is also providing two removable Turnaround Trolleys, which allow the spacecraft to be rotated through 360° and can provide powered movement in horizontal and vertical planes.

Delivery to Airbus Defence and Space is due in March 2019.

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