DSEI 2017

Adaptable turret solution [DSEI17D3]

14 September 2017

Swiss company Curtiss- Wright, Defense Solutions Division (Stand S9-440) is emphasising its Turret Drive Servo System (TDSS) technology capability.

This is an innovative and upgradable turret aiming and stabilisation system, which delivers scalable functionality and power adaptability to ground vehicle designers as well as turret contractors.

TDSS components have a number of key elements including rotary gear drives, linear gear drives, motor controllers, gyroscopes, hand controllers and system software.

The company is currently offering three different turret configurations: mechanical, electrical and fully stabilised, to meet all potential user requirements, with typical applications being one or two-person turrets.

The basic configuration is mechanical and the commander and/or gunner is provided with hand controllers to mechanically move the turret in traverse and the weapon in elevation and depression.

The second TDSS version is electrical, in which a servo drive provides basic electro-mechanical aiming of the turret and gun, with hand controls provided for manual back-up in case of power supply.

This system configuration includes rotary and/or linear drives, motor controllers and optionally hand controllers.

Stabilised is the third configuration and this configuration adds gyroscopes for stabilised turret control for greater accuracy, especially when engaging moving targets while the platform is also moving.

In addition to being a leading provider of TDSS, the company can also supply ammunition-handling systems, missile launcher motion control and remote weapon station components.

Curtiss-Wright has recently ramped up its production capability and put in lean manufacturing principles. This not only improves control over development activities but also reduces development time.

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