DSEI 2017

Future-proofed simulator [DSEI17D3]

14 September 2017

Inzpire (Stand S9-244) is showing for the first time at DSEI a fully functional example of its Targeted Fidelity Simulator (TFS), which it describes as ‘‘an innovative solution to modern flying training needs’’.

Leveraging its experience in the delivery of live and synthetic training, Inzpire has developed TFS as an alternative to full-motion simulators. The company argues that while the latter cost less than live training, they are nonetheless inflexible, expensive to acquire and support, occupy significant space and infrastructure, and suffer risk of obsolescence.

In contrast, the TFS can be installed in smaller spaces, and is low maintenance and fully customisable. This means each customer’s requirements can be met, whether that be for the aircraft type, weapons systems, or the type of flying training required (from basic through to operational).

Furthermore, the system uses cutting-edge image and scenario generation software, which is easy to upgrade. This ensures the system is future-proofed as new technology becomes available.

The TFS is designed from the outset to be scalable and networked, allowing for team and collective training to be conducted across multiple local simulators or distributed across other sites. Inzpire has already integrated land systems with the TFS, enabling collective training with land forces.

‘‘The defence industry has a history of providing solutions which don’t meet the customer’s requirements, are over budget and are invariably delivered late,’’ said Jonny Priest, Inzpire’s head of helicopter services. ‘‘TFS provides them with a customisable simulator solution that ensures the training they receive is relevant to their needs.’’

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