DSEI 2017

Hit them first [DSEI17D3]

14 September 2017

Development of India’s Akash air defence weapon system (AWS) is progressing well.

The system is on display at Bharat Electronics in the Indian Pavilion (Stand N6-110).

Akash is a mobile all-weather, area air defence weapon system, with all components, including launchers, mounted on a vehicle, trailer or static platform to defend vulnerable areas and points against medium-range targets penetrating from low to high altitudes.

A three-dimensional central acquisition radar (3D CAR) undertakes surveillance, while the combat control centre (CCC), which is a C4I system, controls the entire operation in group mode.

The high manoeuvrability of the Akash missile with solid fuel integral ramjet rocket propulsion effectively engages high-performance air targets, such as tactical strike aircraft, bombers, high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, UAVs and armed helicopters.

Visitors to the stand can also see India’s weapon-locating radar (WLR), which is designed primarily to locate hostile guns, mortars and rockets in real time at ranges of more than 40km distant.

An important feature of the radar is the ability to locate enemy weapons from first round and transmit the data to counter-fire elements for retaliatory engagement.

In a secondary role, the WLR can track and observe the fall of shot from the user’s own weapons to enable fire correction.

The system is mounted on a vehicle to operate in all terrain and weather conditions.

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