DSEI 2017

Frontline knowledge [DSEI17D3]

14 September 2017

Systematic (Stand S5-160) has announced at DSEI that its SitaWare Frontline software has been rolled out onto Denmark’s CV90 infantry fighting vehicles.

Installed and deployed on 13 CV90s operated by the Danish army, the tactical overview software aids soldiers in gaining situational awareness by providing an overview of areas occupied by friendly and hostile forces.

Part of the Royal Danish Army’s tactical communications network, Frontline is a tablet-based capability, so each soldier can add their own observations to the operational picture, which will then become visible to other members in the unit. The company says the application helps reduce the risk of friendly fire by aiding personnel in working together to share information.

In addition to monitoring enemy forces, friendly force tracking is also a feature of the software, providing a real-time update on where individuals are. Plans, diagrams and other information can also be shared, and personnel can upload pictures, write text to explain information further, or draw routes when they see something untoward.

The Danish Royal Life Guards’ 1st Armoured Infantry Corps of the 1st Battalion will be the first to deploy Frontline, after which it is expected to be rolled out to other Danish vehicles, including tanks and the newer General Dynamics Land Systems Europe Piranha 5 armoured personnel carriers.

In addition to Denmark, the CV90 has also been selected by Finland, Lithuania, Norway, Switzerland and Sweden, the latter of which was the launch customer for the infantry fighting vehicle.

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