DSEI 2017

Driving UAVs out of the sky [DSEI17D3]

14 September 2017

Bulgarian company Optix (Stand N8-300) is presenting a counter-UAV system concept that can disrupt the navigation of an unmanned aircraft, forcing it to land or return to base.

Using a combination of a radio frequency detection system, and a jammer dubbed the Optix Anti-Drone Man Pack system, the fielded system is effective against a range of small UAVs, is easy to use and maintain, and is flexible when deployed, the company says.

The jammer can carry out directional and omnidirectional jamming, and disrupts the remote control, telemetry, video link and GPS/ GLNOSS transmission. It can operate from 1,500-2,000m directionally and 500-800m omnidirectionally. It can be deployed at a fixed location with an external power source and a bigger antenna to protect a critical infrastructure, or alternatively as a mobile unit on vehicle.

Additionally, the company is showcasing a range of cooled and uncooled thermal vision cameras, as well as colour cameras with standard and HD resolution. The Optix HeatseekIR cooled thermal camera is a mid-wave 640x512 pixel camera, which provides high-resolution in all climate conditions, according to the company.

The Goliath series, meanwhile, is a long-range uncooled thermal imaging camera that is suitable for integration into security and observation systems, and can provide 24-hour surveillance in pitch-black conditions and severe weather. It can detect a human target at 4,764m, and recognise them from 1,588m, Optix says.

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