DSEI 2017

Stop interfering [DSEI17D3]

14 September 2017

Multiple radio and other communications systems in a congested environment cause radio frequency (RF) interference, which can dramatically reduce optimal communications. UK-based Cobham (Stand S6-150) this week announced its new integrated communications environment (ICE) product range as a solution.

The ICE 7201 interference cancellation system not only restores radio performance and operational range, but it also facilitates enhanced frequency planning for operations. This enables closer separation between channels, resulting in a significantly greater number of useable radio channels for a given spectrum allocation.

Cobham also launched its GD2049 high-performance multi-port V/UHF antenna, which allows for a reduction in the overall antenna count on land platforms by introducing two VHF ports with high port-to- port isolation.

Said David Bulley, VP and general manager of Cobham Antenna Systems: ‘‘Cobham’s new ICE products allow users to streamline their communications systems without affecting performance or range, which makes a critical difference during operations.’’

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