DSEI 2017

Solid barrier [DSEI17D3]

14 September 2017

Protecting troops and other military assets has taken many forms over the ages. Now, UK-based J&S Franklin (Stand N9-184) offers a modern solution that is both simple yet highly effective.

It is launching its DefenCell Arch at DSEI this week, a new lightweight modular infrastructure protection system, which combines the proven modular Arch construction products with the DefenCell MAC and Barrier earth- and sand-filled barriers.

The adjustable legs and modular load-bearing roof panels make the DefenCell Arch ideal for overhead protection and bunkers, but can also be used for applications such as water towers and elevated hangars.

All the system components are manportable, quick and simple to install and logistically advantageous.

Offering a wide range of military and civil equipment to the British Ministry of Defence and many overseas governments, international relief agencies and the United Nations, J&S Franklin is exhibiting many of these products here this week.

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