DSEI 2017

Having sight of the shooting [DSEI17D3]

14 September 2017

As winner of a tender for optronic upgrades at the Canjeurs combined forces shooting training range (CETIA), French company Bertin Technologies (Stand N7-450) was given the green light by the French Ministry of Defence to install its PeriSight (pictured) and FusionSight.

‘‘The tender was for fixed equipment on the control tower of the shooting ranges and for nomadic equipment for master gunners,’’ said Damien Diaz, operations manager of Bertin’s Systems and Instrumentation business unit.

‘‘Our PeriSight and FusionSight products are perfectly suited, because they help ensure the security of critical state sites and the protection of people and property, day and night, regardless of weather conditions.’’

PeriSight is a fixed 360° vision system, while FusionSight is a night-vision monocular with smart digital/thermal fusion. The latter is the first handheld optronic device to offer smart fusion of thermal and visible colour images, allowing users to benefit from increased day and night vision, with the ability to save images in digital format.

CETIA is where combined forces shooting training takes place, for which the observation and surveillance system is a key element of Canjeurs’ CETIA, where soldiers are confronted with multiple combat scenarios over a 20km course. Some 75,000 shells, 1,000 missiles and 1.6 million projectiles are fired there each year.

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