DSEI 2017

Quick-fit reconnaissance [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

Chess Dynamics (Stand S8-140) has launched a reconnaissance and surveillance system that can be fitted easily and quickly to tactical vehicles.

The Hawkeye Vehicle System comprises a sensor group mounted on a 4m mast that can be raised while the vehicle itself remains hull-down in cover.

The company has devised an easy-to-use operator interface with a touchscreen, icon-based display with a gamepad-style controller.

The system can be set up to observe specific target areas automatically, alerting the operator if activity is detected.

Target-tracking and image stabilisation are included to further reduce the burden on the operator.

Hawkeye sensors comprise a Gen4 cooled thermal imager and a Chess Dynamics Long Range Piranha day/low-light camera. They are complemented by a laser rangefinder with a 20km capability.

Optional equipment comprises a laser targetmarker, laser designator and near-infrared pointer. The system has a geo-reference capability to provide accurate target location, which can feed data into a wider targeting system if the vehicle is connected into a battlefield C4I network.

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