DSEI 2017

Prominent portfolio [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

The Jordanian King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) (Stand N9-310) is once again attending DSEI and has brought some of its latest developments to show potential customers.

These include a scale model of the latest Al-Jawad Mk IV (4x4) armoured vehicle from Jordan Light Vehicle Manufacturing and, at the larger end of the portfolio, the Al-Wahsh (4x4), which is available in several versions, including armoured personnel carrier, internal security vehicle, missile launching and, more recently, a flatbed rear platform on which is mounted a 105mm artillery system that fires over the rear arc.

KADDB is also showing an upgraded Snake Head Mk IIIA cupola, which has been designed to be installed on new-build and upgraded tracked and wheeled armoured fighting vehicles to provide the gunner with full protection from all arms fire and shell splinters.

The cupola has manual traverse and elevation for the .50 M2 HM machine gun and this version is fitted with a new front shield that moves up and down so providing full protection to the area around the gun barrel.

First Armour is presenting the latest innovation for the boltless airbag cushion helmet system. This new system has been successfully tested for less than 8mm trauma, which according to the company is considered among the best results in this field.

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