DSEI 2017

Keen vision [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

Driving in unfamiliar terrain when visibility is degraded could be dangerous. UK-based RFEL (Stand S4-150) is exhibiting and demonstrating its innovative Trailblazer HD-SDI and generic vehicle architecture compliant military driver vision aid at DSEI this week.

Trailblazer extends the field of view beyond the normal spectrum, even in adverse weather and lowl-ight conditions. When the field of view is limited and threats are unknown, total command of the road ahead and complete situational awareness are essential for success. Trailblazer’s dual-channel daylight and infrared video sensors, along with RFEL’s sophisticated image processing technology, provide the driver, crew and commander with views from ahead and behind when primary vision is restricted, such as in armoured vehicles with hatches down.

According to Wayne Cranwell, RFEL’s video processing business development lead, Trailblazer meets the exacting requirements of military usage and sets a new standard for vehicle vision enhancement.

‘‘Its use is not restricted to just military applications, though,’’ said Cranwell. ‘‘We can provide Trailblazer to companies addressing commercial applications in security, maritime situation awareness, platform autonomy and robotics, and for industrial systems.’’

Trailblazer incorporates RFEL’s multiresolution, advanced Digital Video Fusion technique, which is superior to common blending, averaging and overlay approaches typically taken to make use of thermal scene data within an otherwise obscured, daylight field of view.

RFEL’s algorithm intelligently generates a composite output video stream on a pixel-by-pixel basis. This means there is no loss of higher resolution features from any one sensor and no reduction in colour content due to bland and uniform thermal regions.

This is further enhanced by preprocessing techniques such as contrast enhancement and, optionally, high-frequency digital stabilisation and/or customisable pseudo-colour highlighting.d

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