DSEI 2017

New life for the Tiger [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

Elbit Systems of Israel (Stand S2-320) has been awarded a $93 million contract to upgrade the Northrop F-5E/F Tiger II fleet of an unnamed air force in the Asia-Pacific region.

Scheduled to run for three years, the modernisation programme includes installation of advanced cockpit systems, such as a new head-up display, colour screens and Elbit’s DASH IV helmet-mounted display system. The upgrade also covers new weapon delivery and navigation systems, and a new radar.

Elbit has been involved in several F-5 upgrade projects in the past, including in Brazil. The resulting F-5EM/FM features a host of new systems from across Israeli industry, such as the Litening targeting pod, Derby radar-guided missile and Python IV imaging infrared missile from Rafael, and Elbit’s DASH IV helmet display. The Brazilian aircraft were fitted with Leonardo Grifo F radar.

Elbit also led the modernisation of the Royal Thai Air Force’s Tiger II fleet to F-5T Super Tigris standard, similar to the F-5EM/FM but with the EL/M-2032 radar from IAI Elta.

Elbit was also involved in the modernisation of Singapore’s F-5E/Fs to F-5S/T standard, including the installation of Grifo F radar.

In the Asia-Pacific region F-5Es also remain in the inventories of Indonesia (believed to be in storage pending replacement), South Korea and Taiwan. Earlier this year an uncorroborated Russian media report suggested Vietnam may be considering the revival of some of its retired F-5Es.

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