DSEI 2017

Sea Eagle spotted [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

A full production standard Sea Eagle FCRO (Fire Control Radar Optical) naval radar/electrooptical fire control system is being exhibited by Chess Dynamics here at DSEI on Stand S8-140.

Successfully trialled earlier this year, FCRO is the newest member of the company’s Sea Eagle family. The system combines Weibel’s advanced FMCW Doppler radar with Chess’ proven EO fire control capability to provide 24-hour, all-weather precision long-range tracking and accurate gunfire control in surface, air and shore engagements.

During the tracking trials of its development system, Chess was able to optimise target discrimination of the radar and harmonise the control of these with operation of the overall fire control system. The trials campaign also included following outbound small calibre rounds during air tracking trials against a target drone where the system was able to record the path of the outbound round while maintaining track of the drone; this feature enables the system to track the closest point of approach for automated spotting corrections for surface and air engagements.

The company has conducted the trials programme concurrently with development of the production platform. Designed specifically for naval applications, the system will be fully compliant to NATO and international environmental and EMC standards.

Chess will be conducting live firing trials in 2018 using small and medium calibre guns, and performing sea trials on an offshore patrol vessel.

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