DSEI 2017

Responsive, agile and powerful [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

SC Group company Supacat (Stand S9-360) has unveiled the high performance SC12 RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) at DSEI, where its capabilities are being demonstrated on the River Thames throughout the show.

An established prime contractor to the UK MoD, Supacat has teamed with Norwegian boat builder, Goldfish Boat, to offer into the UK market the 12m SC12 and a 9m variant, SC9, which are developments of craft already proven and in service with NATO Forces. Supacat will provide the UK-based engineering support, project management and through-life support functions for SC12 and SC9, marking a further expansion by the company into the maritime defence sector.

Supacat draws on the marine capabilities of its parent SC Group’s sister businesses, marine engineer Proteum and specialist engineer SC Innovation, which is responsible for the SMV24 multirole support vessel. Goldfish RIBs are renowned for their high speed, agility and durability to meet demanding military applications. The innovative hull design and power integration of SC12 and SC9 create a responsive, manoeuvrable and powerful platform, achieving speeds in excess of 50kts.

The fully integrated C4ISR system enables rapid decision making and response times, providing the user with tactical options through configurable, easily accessible and shareable C4ISR feeds. Its human-machine interface and power delivery ensure intuitive and precise boat handling in the most difficult conditions.

Goldfish Boat’s RIBs have proven aerial dispatch and air delivery, capable of being deployed by CH-47, A400M and C-17 aircraft. The platform is adaptable and can be reconfigured for mission-specific requirements.

Deck space can also be reconfigured with the position of equipment and personnel optimised for each mission. The design has provision for future growth.

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