DSEI 2017

ESM in the palm of your hand [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

UK-based electronic warfare specialist ESROE − a small spinout business from the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory − is showcasing its compact, low-cost radar band electronic support measures (ESM) system on Ploughshare Innovations’ Stand N5-470.

Claimed to be the world’s smallest fully automatic radar electronic surveillance equipment, the new system − known as Micro ESM − is so small that it can be carried in the hand, or mounted on very light unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). As well as operating in standalone mode, Micro ESM is sufficiently low cost to allow for the deployment of multiple networked systems to create an intelligent array along a border, coastline, or conflict zone.

ESM systems are designed to detect and identify radar signals. However, because of their size, cost and complexity, their deployment has historically been limited to large, high-value platforms such as warships or fighter aircraft.

Micro ESM has been developed to break this dominance, opening up ESM to use by civilian agencies, and potentially changing the way that ESM contributes to the situational awareness of military personnel in hostile environments.

ESROE’s generic Micro ESM family has been designed to run on Android and Windows smartphone/tablet platforms.

Covering the 2-18GHz portion of the radar spectrum, system solutions perform measurement on every pulse and are capable of detecting and measuring continuous wave (CW) signal types. The measurements performed include radio frequency, and direction finding using amplitude comparison.

Key to the performance of Micro ESM is ESROE’s Glamdring embedded de-interleaving and identification software. A waveform-based processing algorithm specifically developed for scaled, low-cost ESM systems, Glamdring has now been further evolved to incorporate track management functionality.

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