DSEI 2017

Evolving CBRN protection [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

Innovative solutions to protect soldiers and civilian operators against CBRN threats are being launched by UK-based Survitec Group (Stand S5-170) this week.

The new Survitec Operational Network of Integrated CBRN Systems (SONICS) Bio Skin and Bio Shell protective suits, designed in conjunction with Gore, are a total solution to ensure maximum readiness for civil, military and government organisations. The suits retain their performance and integrity, even when exposed to sea water, petroleum, oils or lubricants, and protect against toxic industrial chemicals, nontraditional agents and bloodborne pathogens such as HIV and Ebola.

Designed to be worn discreetly beneath any outer garment, the Bio Skin suit is a lightweight and breathable stretch fabric offering exceptional mobility, comfort and a new level of CBRN protection. Bio Shell utilises the Gore CPCSU-2 Flex Fit technology along with the same protective properties applied to Bio Skin and is less than half the weight of traditional carbon-based suits.

Both suits use Gore’s Chempak selectively permeable membrane, which allows high levels of moisture vapour (perspiration) permeability while significantly restricting the ingress of a broad range of hazardous substances.

Paul Parry, Survitec’s CBRN business manager, said: ‘‘The tangible impact of this innovation to the CBRN protection market alone compared with current solutions is incredibly significant, with up to 50 per cent weight and bulk savings in some cases.’’ The company is also showing its new SONICS MilPod, a specialist man-portable stretcher for extraction and treatment of a casualty in a CBRN environment, which boasts more than 20 design improvements over current legacy products from other suppliers. ‘‘Survitec isn’t interested in simply participating in this market, we want to help evolve it,’’ he said.

Survitec is also introducing at DSEI a pre-hospital care system delivered through its Survitec Med division, to reduce preventable battlefield deaths.

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