DSEI 2017

Give them a real punch [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

A multishot less-lethal grenade launcher with significantly improved punch over a single-shot weapon is being introduced by South Africa’s Rippel Effect Systems (Stand N3-110).

‘‘With decades of experience in bringing 40mm multi-shot grenade launchers to the market and a client base in 33 countries, we decided to market a dedicated less-lethal multishot grenade launcher,’’ explained the company’s Octavia Motsepe.

Rippel Effect is internationally renowned for pioneering the 40mm extended-range grenade launcher concept for shoulder-fired weapons, which is also on display. Its XRGL40 is now operational in 13 countries, including two NATO nations.

‘‘There is no doubt our launcher addresses most, if not all, the problems experienced with less-lethal multishot launchers on the market,’’ said Dawid Fourie, marketing executive. ‘‘In the development process, we worked very closely with two of the world’s foremost manufacturers of less-lethal products, US-based ALS and Condor in Brazil, in addition to drawing on the experience of SWAT officers and specialised police units.’’ Weighing only 3.75kg, the compact and lightweight RLL37/38 fires like a revolver, with the cylinder advancing mechanically every time the trigger is pulled. It does not require gas or a pump action to advance the cylinder, which can be rotated backwards and forwards without opening the launcher. This allows the operator to skip rounds or select rounds backwards.

The butt-stock is offset at an angle to fire the launcher effortlessly, even when the operator wears a full gas mask or riot control helmet. Rippel developed 37/38mm and 40mm versions, because both types of ammunition are widely used. The RLL37/38 is in production and in service. ‘‘A focused effort has resulted in sales to three countries in the past 12 months,’’ revealed Fourie.

“The RLL37/38 and RLL40 are designed to enhance the operational capability of the modern SWAT or special police units, and can be used in a tactical, as well as crowd control role,’’ he added.

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