DSEI 2017

Leading light [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

For military and security users, a dual LED white-infrared strobe certainly has numerous operational applications.

USA‑based Tektite Industries (Stand N5-285) this week announced its first-ever such improved LED: the Tektite Strobe 200. As a leader in LED flashlights, strobes and other portable lighting technologies, Tektite Industries developed the Strobe 200 (pictured) as the brightest, most visible, rugged and shock-resistant strobe available on the market today.

Highly durable and with a lamp-life of 10,000+ hours, the modules will seldom, if ever, need to be replaced, according to Tektite. These LED strobes do not utilise the fragile glass strobe tubes used in Xenon strobes, while the battery housing is crafted from the same durable ABS and LEXAN as Tektite’s other military-grade products.

It has an initial flash rate of 120 flashes per minute (2Hz), twice as many as the company’s previous Xenon strobes. Made waterproof with double O-ring seals, the Strobe 200 is dive-rated to 150m.

Tektite is also showing the Tekna Wilderness Edge survival knife kit, already in use by some militaries. ‘‘The Wilderness Edge includes everything you need to catch and prepare food, start a fire, find your way, see in the dark and signal for help,’’ the company stated. The 32-piece multifunction system includes a 10.5in knife with a ripsaw top; a knife sharpener; an LED Splash-Lite submersible flashlight; a sheath that converts to a fishing pole with reel, hooks, swivels, fly and weights; a snare; and a magnesium fire starter stick.

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