DSEI 2017

Sentry for smart comms [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

Australia-based Codan Radio Communications (Stand N7-384) offers an innovative comms solution with its Sentry-H with 150W RF power, which integrates easily into both military base and mobile platforms. It has now been optimised with an ergonomic smart handset featuring an icon-driven, colour, high-resolution, multiple-language interface. Using second-generation digital voice and frequency hopping, it is interoperable with the Codan Patrol 211M manpack.

Updated to include channel-based secure interoperability for voice communication and 3G automatic link establishment capabilities, Sentry-H can be used with Codan’s Sprint software.

This software allows for secure, high-performance HF radio messaging and provides a gateway to support SMS messaging and internet email. SprintChat supports text chat, file and email transfer between radios in a network without the need for a server station. SprintNet includes all these capabilities, while allowing the radio also to be used as a cellular (for SMS) and internet email gateway.

For almost 60 years, Codan Radio has been at the forefront of developing communications solutions for defence, security, humanitarian, peacekeeping and commercial applications.

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