DSEI 2017

Hit the ground running [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

Australia-based Praesidium Global (Stand S10-210) has unveiled its Pathfinder UGV at DSEI. According to the company, it is the world’s first air-deployable unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) solution.

Pathfinder carries two UGVs housed in a deployment kennel that is inserted into the operational area by means of a GPS-guided precision delivery parachute. Once Pathfinder reaches its target area, the vehicles are deployed and controlled from an orbiting aircraft as they confirm conditions on the ground.

‘‘Pathfinder is effectively a Mars Rover unit for airborne and special forces,’’ the company said. ‘‘It enables a team in an aircraft to answer questions about an objective that can’t be determined from overhead ISR assets. Once the team is on the ground, they can control the UGV from the kennel to scout ahead of them, or provide over-watch.’’

Praesidium Global is also showing its larger multirole stable mate, MAPS (mission adaptable platform system), which is currently contracted to the Australian Defence Force. MAPS is a medium-sized semiautonomous UGV capable of supporting various missions.

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