DSEI 2017

Keep the tyre on [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

When a rubber tyre deflates, the driver could lose control of the vehicle. Tyron Runflat (Stand N9-300) has developed the Tyron Rubber Beadlock System (RBS) to firmly push the bead of the tyre against the wheel flanges so the tyre does not slip and result in the vehicle losing traction.

‘‘The Tyron RBS we’re introducing was designed following customer requests for a solution to keep tyres in place,’’ said Richard Glazebrook, chief executive of Tyron Runflat.

Tyron over-manufactured the RBS to overcome the tyre and wheel manufacturing tolerances and also to allow for different makes of tyres.

During installation, the rubber of the RBS will guarantee that the tyre beads are firmly secured against the flanges of the wheel to ensure beadlock.

This also prevents foreign objects such as sand, water and dirt from getting inside the tyre.

‘‘As rubber is a pliable material, fitting the Tyron RBS can be done easily by a fitter with only the tools needed to fit a tyre,’’ Glazebrook added.

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