DSEI 2017

High-power outboard engine [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

Cox Powertrain (Stand S10- 360) is exhibiting a full-size model of its CXO300 high-power, low-weight 300hp diesel outboard engine.

Now in its pre-production gamma phase after an intense development programme, the CXO300 is set for a 2018 launch following a series of trials and an extensive demonstration programme. This first showing of a full-size replica of the CXO300 will enable visitors to see how much the groundbreaking engine design and layout has evolved since the previous DSEI in 2015.

Backed by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), the original concept of the CXO300 is based on a supercharged, two-stroke diesel engine. NATO’s single fuel policy, which aims to completely eliminate the use of gasoline by militaries, means that a viable high-powered diesel outboard engine such as the CXO300 will be of specific interest to navies, coast guards and other governmental organisations around the world for use on their fast response vessels.

Light in weight, the CXO300 offers the flexibility and convenience of a high-powered gasoline outboard engine with the diesel economy and reliability of an inboard.

The engine topology provides power-to-weight ratio comparable with high-performance gasoline engines, while delivering diesel fuel consumption and a package volume around half that of a state-of-the-art diesel engine. Crucially for military applications, it also offers much longer service intervals for heavy use − vital when lives are on the line.

Cox Powertrain has disclosed that it is working with Xenta Systems and Murphy by Enovation Controls on the CXO300. Italian controls specialist Xenta Systems has been chosen to supply the engine controls system, which incorporates the joystick, and the throttle for the CXO300; Murphy by Enovation Controls will supply its new PowerView 1200 display screen offering full-featured engine diagnostics on a powerful display screen.

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