DSEI 2017

Save on weight [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

Research done by UK-based Phoenix Dynamics (Stand S2-124) into lightweight harnessing materials showed they can save 30 per cent or more on typical wiring harness designs compared with traditional technology. Such weight reduction has advantages throughout the value chain, from improved fuel efficiency and vehicle mobility to higher payload capacity and a positive environmental impact through lower carbon emissions.

The company’s lightweight harness products at DSEI reveal the new technology options with alternative connectors, back-shells and caps made from composite thermoplastic materials.

Thin-walled alternatives to tubing and heat-shrink products also offer weight savings, while high-strength insulated wires allow for the use of thinner wires due to their increased current carrying capacity.

Phoenix Dynamics has also developed lightweight harnesses for non-vehicle applications.

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