DSEI 2017

Remote refuelling [DSEI17D2]

13 September 2017

WEW (Stand S4-257) has introduced a new self-contained fuel storage and dispensing (FSD) system that provides operational remote refuelling of land vehicles.

Described as a ‘‘drop and go’’ mobile filling station, WEW says the system has been delivered to a Middle Eastern military customer, for which it acts as a standalone fuel station for a variety of vehicles.

WEW works with customers to develop the systems, which store and dispense up to 46,000 litres of diesel or petrol to the vehicles from a self-bunded stainless steel tank.

Based on standard ISO container form factors and powered by an integrated heavy-duty generator or external power supply, the systems are fitted with high-capacity loading/discharging pumps, twin dispensers, water storage and a fully air-conditioned crew area, WEW says. The FSD can resist sand and water accumulation and is transportable by road and sea, requiring minimal ground preparation when it arrives at the deployment site.

Developmental FSDs include designs to refuel rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft, plus bulk water storage, purification and distribution.

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