DSEI 2017

Boost to performance, payload and protection [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

Finnish company Patria (Stand N6-160) has brought its latest Armoured Modular Vehicle XP to DSEI. XP stands for extra performance, payload and protection, the vehicle offering a maximum potential gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 32 tonnes, compared with the standard AMV, which has a GVW of 27 tonnes.

The AMV XP on display is in the armoured personnel carrier configuration, and in addition to the commander, gunner and driver, carries eight dismounts, who can rapidly exit the vehicle via the large power-operated ramp at the rear.

This version is fitted with a Kongsberg Protector Dual remote weapon station (RWS) armed with a .50 M2 HB machine gun with a Raytheon/ Lockheed Martin Javelin antitank guided weapon mounted externally on the right side.

On the lower part of the Protector RWS is a bank of four electrically operated grenade launchers. The Protector Dual RWS can be laid onto the target by the commander or gunner from under armour protection and both of these are equipped with periscopes to provide situational awareness. It also carries a FLIR/Proxy Dynamics PD-100 Black Hornet personal reconnaissance system, which uses a nano UAV.

Other features include a modular storage system for the crew, Savox IMP intercom system, a day/night (thermal imaging) camera system and a Metravib Pilar V sniper detection system.

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