DSEI 2017

Hunter emerges [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

BMT Defence Services (Stand S3-360) has unveiled an innovative mine countermeasures (MCM) platform concept designed and configured to exploit next-generation offboard vehicles, mission systems and operational concepts.

Combining BMT’s ship design pedigree with QinetiQ’s integration expertise, and informed by the experience of mine warfare operators from several different navies and system suppliers, the new VENARI-85 ‘mother ship’ design has been developed to meet needs for accelerated MCM clearance rates and reduced risk to personnel.

‘‘VENARI-85 represents a huge step-change in the way MCM ship design is approached and developed,’’ said Stephen Braham, head of business development (warships) at BMT Defence Services. ‘‘Designing platforms with roles and future technology developments in mind seems the logical step but not one that’s often taken.

‘‘Before attempting to design such a platform, we invested significant time and effort in operational analysis to better understand how the vessel will be deployed now and in the future, to comprehend the missions and the equipment needed to conduct them.

Such an approach not only avoids compromise and repurposing costs in later years, it also maximises the ability to conduct effective MCM throughout life.’’

Derived from the Latin ‘to hunt or chase’, the VENARI-85 design is optimised for next-generation MCM and hydrographic operations. Able to operate large numbers of air, surface and subsurface unmanned vehicles, the flexibility embodied in the vessel arrangement has been purposely designed to enable future generations of autonomous systems and operating concepts.

Alongside its primary MCM role, VENARI-85 is also designed to offer wider utility in roles such as maritime security boarding, economic zone protection and disaster relief.

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