DSEI 2017

Better acoustics, more capability [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

Cohort plc business unit SEA (Stand S6-240) has introduced a new version of its KraitArray 16mm thin line towed ASW sonar, which is triple the length and is able to carry up to 128 acoustic channels. Building on the 50m variant that SEA already offers, the 150m sonar system will have better acoustic performance, support multiple modules, and consume less power than legacy models.

Alex Key, KraitArray product manager, told a pre-DSEI media briefing that conventional towed arrays are large, heavy, complex and costly, requiring specialist handling procedures and producing more drag, while consuming more power.

To this end, SEA developed the KraitArray system, which counters many of the problems found in legacy towed sonars, from which the 150m example is derived. The new sonar will cost in the region of a tenth of the price of a legacy system, capability for capability, and will be able to carry up to 32 non-acoustic sensors to monitor the array’s shape and orientation.

At DSEI, SEA is exhibiting the structure of the array, ahead of planned at-sea testing next year, and Key expects some flow noise effect testing to take place over the winter months.

During the Royal Navy’s Unmanned Warrior exercise in October 2016, SEA provided five arrays for testing: four 50m variants were operated by Liquid Robotics on its SHARC Wave Glider, and one 80m system was operated by BAE Systems with its P950 rigid hulled inflatable boat.

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