DSEI 2017

Highest accuracy [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

The first result of the co-operation of ERA of the Czech Republic (Stand N8-324) with German manufacturer SMAG (Stand S6-432) is the new Ftm 25/6 Medium mast system, which complements ERA’s passive reconnaissance and surveillance system, VERA-NG.

A contract for delivery of the first batch of container mast systems was signed in June.

Further projects and possible deliveries are being planned. ERA managing director, Viktor Sotona, said the SMAG components ‘‘perfectly complement our antennas to create one united mobile system’’.

The advantages of the mast system are high payloads (up to 300kg) with highest accuracy at the mast point, even at high windspeeds without using any kind of guy wires. The masts are fully automated, operable at intermediate heights, and ready for any type of mission after a very short installation time. This technology permits maximum mobility on rough terrain.

During transport, the system is protected and invisibly stored in a military shelter container, which comes with the mast.

SMAG’s mobile antenna masts are manufactured at Salzgitter, Germany, and are available up to a height of 40m, without the use of guy wires. More than 1,900 masts are in successful operation worldwide on disaster and military operations, for mobile communications, and radio and broadcasting transmissions.

The Deployable Passive ESM Tracker (DPET) VERA-NG is a highly mobile passive surveillance system for detection, location, identification and tracking of air, ground and naval targets. The sensors can be placed either on masts of two different heights (12m and 25m) with tubular telescope structure, or on lightweight tripods or quadpods. They can be easily transported in various types of vehicles, and have been delivered in a ‘roll-on/ roll-off’ configuration, including a fully configured mobile command centre containing all the processing, analysis and observation equipment.

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