DSEI 2017

Sight for sore eyes [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

Being shown for the first time by Kent Periscopes (Stand N8-251) is its new Straight Biocular Display (SBD). This comprises the latest display screen and lens arrangement to provide the driver of an armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) with an excellent relaxed viewing capability from under armour.

According to the company, the display can be supplied in isolation or as part of its Embedded Image Periscope (EIP) system. Two functioning examples of the latter are on display, one with both a thermal imager (TI) and a charge-coupled device sensor pack and one with a short-wave infra-red sensor.

The company is also promoting the Sabre TI sight system (pictured) for use by AFV commanders and gunners and the Sabre Narrow Gunner’s Sight (NGS), which is a derivative of the Sabre family designed as a compact, low-cost reversionary sight with just a day channel. This would typically be used as a back-up sight.

The company is supplying periscopes to a number of key UK AFV programmes.

These include its EIP for the UK Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (WCSP); and an auxiliary sight for the turret of the Ajax reconnaissance vehicle.

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