DSEI 2017

Unrivalled dexterity [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

Tralee, Ireland-based Reamda (Stand N3-570), a specialist in EOD robots and control systems, is launching its Reacher bomb disposal robot at DSEI.

The robot is claimed to have unmatched dexterity, which enables it to work in small, awkward spaces as well as at long distances. A manipulator arm with seven degrees of freedom, combined with a low-profile gripper, allows Reacher to access hard-to-reach places, such as car footwells, and to deal with small ordnances such as pipe bombs. The sliding turret with 220° rotation further increases the reach and manoeuvrability of the manipulator arm, while the central bogie locking mechanism ensures stability when reaching and lifting.

Reacher has a powerful 1200Nm traction drive system with steerable back wheels, but can also be provided with skid steer for manoeuvring in tight spaces. The rocking back axle and central bogie ensure it can easily traverse the most challenging of terrain.

Reacher is said to be the first robot in the industry to incorporate a powered cargo bay, which can be used to transport tools and weapons safely to the site and free up the gripper to open doors, move obstacles, and so on. The cargo bay is designed to hold and deploy Reamda’s Remote Disruptor Platform (RDP), which has under-car capabilities and disarms pipe bombs using a high-powered water cannon.

There are times when even the most dexterous robot cannot access an area and in such circumstances the RDP is able to fulfil the required duties.

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