DSEI 2017

Virtual reality rewards [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

Frestems (Stand N3-150), a leading manufacturer of military ambulance products, is demonstrating a virtual tool for streamlining ambulance vehicle variant design.

VPU is a virtual reality (VR) prototyping that combines the latest VR tools and Frestems design processes to quickly compose a lifelike presentation of the treatment environment inside a military ambulance. The system reduces development time of the treatment environment and gives clients an accurate and realistic understanding of the overall functionality and user ergonomics from the beginning. The user can sit in the exact same position as actual medics will in the future ambulance, and the most efficient equipment layout can be jointly evaluated. A highly detailed, shared vision of the end result helps reduce the project risks for all parties.

Additionally, VPU aids in considering maintainability aspects during the early stages of system development, by allowing the designers to assess accessibility factors and maintenance processes even before building actual prototypes. Other applications include highly immersive user training.

The Finnish company specialises in stretcher loading systems design, development and manufacturing, but also provides patient evacuation equipment and complete interior solutions to meet the most demanding requirements. The main R&D focus is on stretcher loading systems, whose main purposes are swift and easy loading of patients into the ambulance vehicle, fastening the stretcher securely during transportation, and manoeuvring the patient inside the vehicle for better treatment positions.

Products include field stretchers, foldable stretcher carts, patient seats, stretcher lifters, medical cabinets, oxygen systems and storage modules.

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