DSEI 2017

Monitoring makes sense [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

Scimitar C5i Real Time Command and Control Platform from Brisbane-based EPE (Stand S10-210) was selected by the Australian Defence Force under the Army Innovation Day funding for a 12-month human factor performance trial. The trial has just concluded with positive results.

The physiological status monitoring provided key metrics allowing defence members to increase awareness and enhance decision-making as well as provide a higher-level duty of care. With the additional information available to monitoring staff, this provided a measured increase in specific physiological markers and a reduction in potential for injury/physical stress.

Scimitar C5i informs commanders, medics and trainers who is where, when, and what they are seeing. It provides live video and audio feeds; monitors whether personnel are working safely; and gives visual geolocation of personnel and assets and encrypted communication to 1.5km, allowing safer deployment of personnel.

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