DSEI 2017

Out of the blue [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

As its name suggests, South Wales-based Airborne Systems Europe (Stand S4-156) has been at the forefront of developing aerial delivery systems for nearly 100 years.

It is the exclusive supplier of the maritime craft aerial delivery system (MCADS) to military and special forces of the world. The system allows for rigid inflatable boats up to 12m in length to be air dropped from a vast range of aircraft, enabling parachutists to board and get underway in minutes. Airborne Systems Europe also provides the ATAX ‘drive-on, drive-off, float-off’ aerial delivery platform (pictured) for land-marine applications.

In the naval domain, the company continues to build on its innovative countermeasures capabilities. Its corner reflector decoys, notably the FDS3, are an essential layer in a ship’s RF soft-kill countermeasures against anti-ship missile attacks. The FDS3 (floating decoy system) is a ‘non-kinetic’ countermeasure that has the added benefit of being launched without any electrical power. This gives a last line of defence when no other shipboard systems are functional.

In conjunction with Rheinmetall of Germany, Airborne Systems has developed a corner reflector RF decoy for naval protection as a direct and more effective alternative to chaff. It is an airborne offboard CR decoy for use in the Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) launcher. Designated MASSOCR, the lightweight, reloadable system can be used in conjunction with FDS3 or with other soft-kill passive or active countermeasures.

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