DSEI 2017

Shouldering the load [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

The modern soldier is required to carry an array of equipment, including supplies, weapons and ammunition, which has an impact on operational effectiveness. Catoma, under parent company MMI Outdoor (Stand N4-279), is confident its Switchblade modular load carriage system is destined to become the new standard.

In the military, there has long been a need for a modular load carriage system to enable soldiers to tailor a single pack to complete any mission. The Switchblade is based on a common frameset consisting of shoulder straps, waist belt, back pad and carbon-fibre frame sheet. Once fitted to the user, the frameset can be removed and placed into a number of packs and platforms, ranging from a raid pack, assault pack and Molle panel, to munitions carriage and weapons carriage.

Heavy weapons teams in particular can make use of the pack design. The Switchblade can carry 900 rounds of ammunition in dedicated trays, hot or spare barrels in a heat-resistant quiver, and personal hydration and sustainment in a separate pack layered on top. In similar fashion, Catoma designed the Switchblade for ease of use by mortarmen and Gustav teams carrying weapons, accessories and munitions in configurations that affect Standard Operating Procedures. The pack is undergoing testing that will dictate future jungle SOPs.

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