DSEI 2017

Easy descent [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

Marlow Ropes (Stand N7-168) has launched a lightweight, stainless steel device, which is designed to be used with its 40mm fast rope to facilitate the quick deployment of units to a designated area.

The Fast Rope Rack (FRR) weighs 1.83kg and is quick and easy to install, making it suited to the insertion of personnel into the field. This includes medics, interpreters, guides, bomb disposal specialists, and others who would not be qualified in the use of fast rope deployment. Various fitting options aid with the deployment of equipment too heavy for insertion in normal fast roping conditions.

The company says its fast rope allows for comfortable control when descending, and for easy slowdown and stopping. The material is supple, meaning it is not abrasive on personnel’s hands, and is unaffected by spillages such as oil − something that otherwise could alter the speed of descent.

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