DSEI 2017

Rechargeable mobile energy [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

Rechargeable batteries have become a part of modern life, and will feature even more when all vehicles, including military, will run on battery power. Israel-based Epsilor (Stand N8-380), part of the Power Systems division of Arotech Corporation, is unveiling its 6T family of NATO standard rechargeable lithium batteries.

Developed in partnership with a strategic customer, the new batteries are designed primarily for the next generation of armoured vehicles, but are also suitable as drop-in replacements for traditional lead-acid batteries. Epsilor claims the new 6T offers superior performance over the first-generation lithium batteries currently being used. ‘‘Our new 6T product family is designed to meet the needs of the fast-developing market of modern armoured vehicles with extended silent watch and more efficient fuel consumption,’’ said Epsilor president Ronen Badichi. He said the product is exempt from US Department of State defence export regulations (ITAR), making it available to a wide range of international defence customers.

The new battery has self-balancing, self-charging and charge current management capability that support smooth operation of new and older generation vehicles. It also offers serial and parallel connectivity.

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