DSEI 2017

Round-up [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

Primetake (Stand N6-298) is using DSEI to give a glimpse of new variants of its .300in round portfolio that is expected to be released later in 2017, which contains specialised projectiles to increase performance in tactical situations.

Building within the company’s .300in AAC Blackout calibre, the .300in Urban Combat Round is capable of penetrating laminated glass at 45° angles while maintaining trajectory to the original point of aim.

‘‘Where the .300in AAC Blackout exceeds, the .300in Urban Combat Round further enhances and specialises,’’ said the company.

Other new rounds include the .300in Armour Piercing (AP), which has a tungsten carbide core and features a newly developed technology that is also used in the company’s Match Grade Sniper ammunition. The increased size of the penetrator ensures maximum penetration of hardened materials.

The Long Range ball round, meanwhile, provides the longest maximum effective range in class, according to Primetake, while the Subsonic round ‘‘impressively retains accuracy while delivering the desired subsonic characteristic of significantly reduced weapon signature’’. Finally, the Frangible round is a cost-effective training round.

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