DSEI 2017

Sentinel on watch [DSEI17D1]

12 September 2017

DroneShield (Stand S10-210) is planning to carry out demonstrations of its RFOne radio frequency UAV detection sensor at the beginning of October, after which it will showcase its DroneSentinel multi-sensor platform in November.

DroneSentinel combines radar, radio frequency, acoustics, thermal and optical sensors into one system, and is similar to the company’s DroneSentry system minus the DroneCannon RF countermeasure capability.

It uses integrated data from all these available sensors, allowing users to quickly detect and analyse potential unmanned threats. A user interface provides the user with live and pre-collected data from all sensors, and subsequently broadcasts configurable alerts based on criteria preprogrammed by the operator.

The company says DroneSentinel is a modular system that is easily transported and assembled, and includes a weather-resistant and rugged design that protects the system in all environments. The radar can detect UAVs 1.5km away, the WideAlert acoustic sensor up to 200m away, and the RFOne 1km away. The DroneHeat/ DroneOpt sensors, meanwhile, can detect at 600m for small UAVs and 2km for large ones.

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